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Assist wig staff carefully select items recommended for cosplay and introduce!

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Can express a soft and gentle ideal curve
"Curl guide" debuts!

Just hold the hair along the guide!
A processing item for wigs that anyone can easily create fluffy curls .

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A popular item for comfortable cosplay even in hot weather
"Cool wig net long hair type" is now available ☆ 彡

Uses moisture such as sweat to reduce heat
A long hair type with a cool wig net that makes you feel cool .

● 1.5 times longer than usual
● For those with a lot of hair!
● Excellent breathability
● Recommended when wearing a wig for a long time

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Four new styles have been added to the fashion wig "Melty CoCo"
which is very useful for everyday use and after-events!

There are also special colors only for the new style
So check each style. ° ˖✧

★ Mellow Wolf is here★
★ Silky medium is here★
★ Easy curl long is here★
★ Gradation straight long is here★
A new type has appeared in the popular "hairline parts"!
Premium wig "hairline parts pinpoint type" ☆ 彡

You can express the jagged hairline just by attaching it.
A point wig for hairline.

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You can express beautiful sideburns!
"Sideburns parts" are now available on Premium wigs ° ˖✧

Recommended at such times ☆
● I want to hide the sideburns hair ● I want to show the expression of putting the hair on my ears naturally

Please try!

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A new color has been added to the new style of Premium wig
"Twintail wig" is now available on Premium wigs!

What is ”Twintail wig”?
Long face line and wide arrangement width!
② The artificial scalp makes the parting beautiful!
③ Add a vance to make a long twin tail!

The tail part can be retied to any position you like!
You can easily reproduce the twin tail character ♪

 New colors have been added to [28 colors in total]!
There are a lot of color variations!
Please try it ☆

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Glue for the popular double mesh AS is now available!
Its name is "Glue AS for Double Mesh" !!!

Resolve the whitening of the glue you care about ☆ 彡

● Strong and firm ● Fine brush specifications that are easy to apply in detail ● [Matte finish] solves whitening ● Waterproof

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♥ A great deal with double mesh AS ♥
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Click here for wide type set
Easy and simple! An evolutionary item of the chest-busting "Makipeta"!
"Innerwear with Makipeta (with shoulder pads)" is now available!

The tank top + makipeta effect completes a neat male attire.
The shoulder pads are attached for a more complete men's outfit!
The cotton material is warm in winter and cool in summer!

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