Melty CoCo
Shutella 1Day
ICE Flora 1Day SALE!
Puppilla 1Day new arrival!
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Challenge the marginal price! Basic 1,480 JPY ...
Premium wig
Face cover glue AS & Liftup tape


Assist wig staff carefully select items recommended for cosplay and introduce!

If you have any information you care about, please check it.


◆ New color appearance ◆ "Mannish Lip AS" ◆
A new color has appeared in the classic "Mannish Lip AS" for men's lipsticks!

Sakura pink
Cute from the beginning! On the lips of a brilliant boy!

Dark cherry
Tone down and cool adult sex appeal.
★ Recommended for use with apricot beige!
● 50 colors released ● New color added “Shutella 1Day” ●
"Shutella 1Day" is finally in 50 colors !

[New color] Serene brown
Brown like the girl's clear eyes

[New color] Pinky Queen
Bright pink like the Queen's shining earrings

[New color] Blue iolite
Blue purple like iolite at dawn

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Firmly attach wigs and parts with super strong adhesive force!
Introducing a special double-sided tape specializing in wig processing such as hair growth and mesh with wig parts!
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Introducing 3 good and kotori shorts!
Premium wig
"Natural layer"

(1) Beautiful silhouette (2) Hair volume that is easy to arrange (3) Firmly covers up to the chin line

Made by layer staff
New style for [Short characters] ♪

Please try it ☆

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Introducing new short styles and gradation colors for the "Melty Coco" wig for everyday use and after-events!
As for the short style, there are 3 styles of boyish style, which was often requested, and 1 style of soft and cute bob style ♪
★ Click here for short style ★

Gradation color adds flashy color to curl bob and long style!
★ Click here for gradation color ★
Feel free and easy! Evolutionary item of breast crushing [Makipeta]!
Completed men's clothing with tank top + Makipeta effect ♪

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★ Assist Original ★ Gradation Powder
Gradation powder that can be used for both wigs and natural hair!
Feel free to color ♪

It's powder, so you can wash it with shampoo!

Feel free to use!

Check it out here!

★ New product ★
Double mesh AS wide type!!!

This is a new mesh type sheet that allows you to naturally
create a double eyelid effect or widen the width of your eyelids
without being noticeable unlike the older style double eyelid tape!

Check!!⇒Double mesh AS wide type
Check!!⇒Double mesh AS Crescent & Wide Set

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