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Challenge the marginal price! Basic 1,480 JPY ...
Premium wig
Face cover glue AS & Liftup tape


Assist wig staff carefully select items recommended for cosplay and introduce!

If you have any information you care about, please check it.



"Wig holder long hair type" is now available ☆

In "Wig Holder" which became a new common sense of wigs!
Long hair is also safe! [Long hair type] is done!

Just wrap it to prevent the wig from slipping!
Make the silhouette of your head beautiful!
Reduced wig tightening!

Long hair type
→ The mesh on the back of the head has long hair
It is designed to hold firmly (> ▽ <) Peace of mind!

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Introducing a men's lipstick that can be completed with just this!
★ "Mannish Lip AS" ★

・ The original lips are pale ...
・ I don't know what to use for men's lipstick ...

Such a problem can be solved with this one ☆
Just apply it like lip balm
It looks like a man ◎ In the mouth!

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Thank you for waiting for a long time ...!
"HANABI 1Day UV Renewal Edition" is now on sale!

▼ 2.5-dimensional eyes ▼ Beautiful coloring ▼ UV cut

[First 8 colors]
・ Mizumaru, Rogusamaru, Ayamemaru, Konohamaru, Hinatamaru, Yuhimaru, Uzumaru, Omemaru

[Remaining 4 colors to be released in February]
・ Sunny sky circle ・ Cloudy sky circle ・ Tengu circle ・ Fujimaru
Double-sided tape for skin "Pitouch Mild" that firmly fixes skin and costumes, accessories, accessories, etc. is now available!
Since it is for skin application, we use materials that are gentle on the skin!
Recommended for fixing equipment such as long gloves and belts that are easily displaced ♪
It goes well with stockings! Of course, it can be used on bare skin!

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Familiar with nature ! 2.5-dimensional system
To the Almighty Design Color Contact!

*☆ "Shutella 1Day" ☆*
(Stella One Day)
New color [5 colors] added!

★Light green "Fifth Green" that sways between green and yellow

★Light green "Green Mass" that colors your eyes like a dazzling light shining in the field

★Light green "Tree Opal" that softens the eyes with softness like opal

★Light blue "Aquaria Gate" that brightens the eyes like a goddess of water

★Red "Public Red" that colors your eyes like a shining signal

DIA: 14.5mm / 6 pieces / 1,280 yen (tax excluded)
!!! All 50 colors under development!!!
Please try a color lens that fuses the real and two-dimensional realism with color dot border ☆ *

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An item that can get a sharp nose like a 2D character and a sharp tip of the nose finally appears!?
Cosplay only [Putty for face] "Hanatakamaru AS"!!
It's easy to use because it uses a color that is familiar to the skin.
Expression of horns, special ears, and scratch makeup are perfect ☆

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Do not use water when pasting!?
A handwritten tattoo sticker that is OK without a printer is finally here...!
"Handwritten Tattoo Sticker AS"

The printer broke down on the day before the event... Out of ink...
There is no printer at home in the first place...
I forgot the stickers I made on the day of the event... Solved problems with etc.!!!
You can use it by handwriting, so you only need this sticker and pen!

・Uses medical materials that are gentle on the skin.
・Because it does not use water when pasting, you can immediately put it on the spot!

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