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Shutella 1Day
HANABI1Day UV Limited time Price 999JPY
ICE Flora 1Day SALE!
Puppilla 1Day new arrival!
Japanese Quality smooth No.1
Premium wig
Face cover glue AS & Liftup tape


Assist wig staff carefully select items recommended for cosplay and introduce!

If you have any information you care about, please check it.


Easy and simple! An evolutionary item of the chest-busting "Makipeta"!
"Innerwear with Makipeta (with shoulder pads)" is now available!

The tank top + makipeta effect completes a neat male attire.
The shoulder pads are attached for a more complete men's outfit!
The cotton material is warm in winter and cool in summer!

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A new style that has already been tied up
"Twintail wig" is now available on Premium wigs!

Long face line and wide arrangement width!
② The artificial scalp makes the parting beautiful!
③ Add a vance to make a long twin tail!

The tail part can be retied to any position you like!
You can easily reproduce the twin tail character ♪

Please try it ☆

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Two new items to solve your cosplay problems ☆ 彡
"Hair Keep Clip" & "Mask Clip" !

● Undisturbed beauty!
"Hair Keep Clip"

The hair bundles on my ears are falling ...
I have a lot of hair and my ears are crushed ...

Solving such worries during cosplay !!

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● Wear a mask without using your ears!
"Mask clip"

When the string hurts your ear
When it is difficult to put on a wig
When you want to wear it with your ears hidden

It's easy to put on and take off the mask, and shooting will be faster !?

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1.5 times normal! Long hair is neatly organized!
"Wig net long hair type" is now available!

Recommended for those who have long hair and a lot of hair, as well as those who fix the wig net with a hairpin!

It's 1.5 times longer than a traditional wig net, so it's easy to store your hair.
You can fix it as it is with the surplus net ☆ 彡

Please try!

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That "Husky Eye 1Day" has been upgraded and revived !!!

◆ ◇ "Husky Eye: Re 1Day" ◇ ◆

・ Industry's smallest eyes
Colored diameter 9.5mm (including white edge 14.0mm)
・Produce sharp eyes with white edges

★ The best contact lenses for Sanpaku characters!

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Due to the influence of world affairs
Proximity area towards Ukraine and Belarus
Delivery has stopped (some to Europe).
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.
"HANABI 1Day UV challenge version" has been ordered SALE will be held!
What !! You can get it for [1 box JPY 950 ] !!! (USD 8.23)

"Challenge version HANABI 1Day UV" that was sold before
(Because I ordered) Resale in limited quantity!

● 2.5-dimensional eyes ● Beautiful coloring ● UV protection

[12 colors in total]
* Color development is different from "Renewal version HANABI 1Day UV".

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"Assist modeling shop" has opened !!
Check it out for beginners and those who want to improve their level

Pick up recommended items !

▼ Challenge solid modeling! ▼
 "Assist board"
Processed with moderate hardness It is a board specialized for modeling that is easy to remove.

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▼ Challenge from small items first! ▼
 "Easy Clay"
Urethane-like clay that makes it easy to make fine decorations and small items.

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▼ I want to make a model, but it seems difficult ... ▼
 "Armor Base"
The shape has already been completed for beginners and those who want to shorten the time.

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Why don't you take this opportunity to challenge modeling?

Products that will please everyone who wants to model will be released one after another!
★ ☆ Take a look at the modeling shop ☆ ★

◆ Recommended painting items are here ◆
◆ Recommended tools are here ◆
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