15mm 1Dayカラコン ICE Flora


Assist wig staff carefully select items recommended for cosplay and introduce!

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A new style "Ponytail wig" appears in Premium wig!
It is a Ponytail wig.
When combined with Vance you can reproduce a long ponytail.

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Boys Lash Light (boys rush light) " appears in Boys Lash (Boys Rush), a direct-faced eyelash for men who is on sale well now.
It became possible to express more natural male eyelashes with hair volume of 30% less than boys rush!
It is recommended for those who are worried that they want to serve adequately though they are men's clothes!
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Volume up naturally with more hair ♪
◆ Now on sale ◆ ◆ Direct wool false eyelash for men's "Boys rush" is here
We launched "Brown foundation powder AS (Choco Malo powder)" on sale!
It is a brown foundation of powder type that can express brown skin It is recommended for prevention of crumbling of brown makeup.
When used in conjunction with "Brown foundation cream AS (Choco Malo Cream)" , browning degree is improved!

"Brown foundation powder AS (Choco Malo powder)" is here
"Brown foundation cream AS (Choco Malo Cream)" is here
Pore ​​Mat Base "pore concealer" pore concealer "which fills firmly the irregularities of the pore which is worrisome and finishes it smoothly and flat skin inconspicuously
The sealed veil lids on the pores, the silicone ingredients effective for irregularities on the nostrils, cheeks, pores in the T zone and crater skin fit perfectly to the skin!
Firmly fill the beards that men are concerned with, smoothing the skin smoothly.

Pore Mat Base AS

A gorgeous and bright eyes like girls in the story ♪
Can naturally increase the volume of the lower eyelashes
"Dolls Lash (Dolls Rush)" appears!
★ We offer two types of short type and long type

Easy to familiar with eyelashes "Soft eyelids as soft as a girl in a fairy tale"
"Dolls Lash (Dolls Rush) Short"

A slightly longer hair ends "as a gorgeous eyes like a fairy tale princess"
"Dolls Lash (Dolls Rush) Long"
1 Day color contact that creates glittering eyes that makes snow crystal shine in your eyes
"Ice Flora 1 Day
Industry First! 15mm color contact appeared as a new series!
Choose gender, directing the eyes of enchantment to any character!
Please try by all means (^ ▽ ^)

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A new style "Casual Short" appears in Premium Wig!
It is roundish mash style with natural curl.
It can be easily reproduced without twisting fluffy style processing,
so it is recommended for innocent daggers of pink hair, and YOROZUYA of sweet tooth!

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To the ideal body line!"Shape stylist" released!
Curves,small butt, pelvis, all support,
the stomach is a refreshing beauty body realization girdle!
With knitting of strong and weak pressure according to the part,
there is no impossible tightening and to the ideal line!

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