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Puppilla 1Day new arrival!
Challenge the marginal price! Basic 1,480 JPY ...
ICE Flora 1Day
HANABI1Day new color arrival!
Face cover glue AS & Liftup tape


Assist wig staff carefully select items recommended for cosplay and introduce!

If you have any information you care about, please check it.


Items ordered between December 28, 2019 and January 4, 2020 will take longer to ship due to customs holidays. Please place an order with plenty of time.
It ’s inconspicuous and naturally doubles !? “Double Mesh AS” comes to assist!
Because it is a mesh specification that melts into the skin, there is no `` tape-specific shine '' in the conventional tape type!
Make-up is possible from above, so it will become even less noticeable.
Single, double, and deep double can be used in common! (* There are individual differences depending on the original eye shape and how it is attached.)
If you have a problem with your eyes, please try it out ☆

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An item that can be easily crushed by wrapping the chest while pulling around the chest moderately!
New item『Makipeta』

Just wrap it lightly and you can crush your chest firmly and stably.

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[Good news] for those who have a complex in their nose !!
★ A cosplay-only tape featuring a clear nose width and hole ★
"Nose Make Tape AS"
The shadow on the nose is also reduced, making it closer to the nose of a two-dimensional character ♪

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Recommended for heatstroke measures! We have launched the "Hinry Wig Net" !
Use the moisture such as sweat to lower the heat, feel cool cool Wig net finally appeared from assist!

· Excellent ventilation and cool effect!
・ It is cool and comfortable while shooting!
-For those who want to use wigs for a long time!
The color is [beige] [black] 2 types
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Make summer comfortable! We launched "Hair Cool Shower AS" !
I want to cosplay even in the hot summer months! But I hate to stick with sweat ... I want to somehow manage the steaming wig !
Such time is cool exhilaration and sense temperature Down !! Do not spend cool coolly with "Hair cool shower AS"?

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"3D Under Eyelashes Fairy Rush" on sale!
Cosplay industry's first 3D design! Ultra-fine hair difference between normal and under false eyelashes!
So it's light and there's less discomfort when it's worn! It's not unnatural, it's a natural density that gives a soft, natural eye .

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"Eyebrows Concealer AS (Mayukeshi syokunin) Tape Ver." on sale!

Since special processing is applied to the tape , the tape's unique gloss is reduced!
Because it is possible to make makeup from above the tape, it will be more natural finish with foundation and concealer.
Because the skin-friendly material is used, minimal damage to the skin even when peeling!

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(Assist Original) Eyebrows Concealer AS (Mayukeshi syokunin) Tape Ver. 3 sheets
(Assist Original) Eyebrows Concealer AS (Mayukeshi syokunin) Tape Ver. 6 sheets
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