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"Casual Short" released!
A new style "Casual Short" appears in Premium Wig!
It is roundish mash style with natural curl.
It can be easily reproduced without twisting fluffy style processing,
so it is recommended for innocent daggers of pink hair, and YOROZUYA of sweet tooth!

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"Shape stylist" released!
To the ideal body line!"Shape stylist" released!
Curves,small butt, pelvis, all support,
the stomach is a refreshing beauty body realization girdle!
With knitting of strong and weak pressure according to the part,
there is no impossible tightening and to the ideal line!

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"Lift up band AS" released!
"Lift up band AS" released!
Band type and gentle to the skin, easy fitting makes it a face line of 2 dimensional characters!
It is OK in the expression of slanted eyes not to mention a small face effect .
When used in conjunction with taping etc., it is closer to a character.

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Limited special price! "Secret Inhale Sneaker"
"Secret Inhale Sneakers" perfect for male attire Characters
Quantity limited to (JPY)4,980円!(Regular sales price:(JPY)6,980)
It has inherent type and natural leg length effect, sneakers with clean appearance,
It is recommended for sports boys and energetic male characters
As there are limited numbers, as soon as possible when purchasing!

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*July Campaign Information*
***July Campaign Information***

Present Campaign
We present
"Portable Colocoro Cleaner" to all the purchase more than (JPY)3,500 during the period!
Clean up dust and garbage on costumes!
It is slim and compact so it will not get in the way even if put in a makeup pouch!

* Continue! Weekly sale for July! *
Every Tuesday Update! Will not you care about that item at a surprising sale price every week?!
Because it is a time-limited price only for 7 days,
Please do check it out not to miss it!

* HANABI 1Day(10pieces) Out of print SOLD OUT SALE *
Half eyes emitting sparkle like fireworks 1Day Colored Contact Lenses
HANABI 1Day(10pieces) Out of print We will sell the sale exhaustively!
The price is (JPY)1,000!
We will close as soon as sold out.
Also, HANABI 1Day(6pieces)
It is on sale at a limited price of (JPY)1,380!

* Applicable Premium wig * (JPY)2,018~ *
Industry No, 1 Quality! Target Premium wigs can be purchased at great price
Campaign! further··· Apply the second half price as well
Some styles are not applicable.Apply the second half price as well.

* [Basic+] "Regular short" (JPY)1,980 *
While keeping the ease of handling basic wigs,
Length of bangs became longer [Basic+]"Regular short" !
"I do not want to cut too much but I want to have long bangs with bangs."
It is a perfect short wig for such occasions.
Color consultation is also accepted! for consultation Click here
"Face veil cream AS" released!
"Face veil cream AS" released!
Approach to "face sweat" of cosplayers' troubles!
It is a new sense make-up ground gel.
It is best for makeup foundation, partial care after make-up.
A lot of nice ingredients are blended on your skin!
It is recommended for people who care about sweat and those who want make-up retention better!

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"HANABI 1Day 6 pieces" Added 2 new colors!
Half eyes emitting sparkle like fireworks 1Day Colored Contact Lenses
"HANABI 1Day 1 box 6 pieces" New colors are entering the ranks!
The eyes of that character can be reproduced with exquisite colors …!
Please try

*HANABI 1 Day 1 box 6 pieces Water circle*
It is a slightly light blue that emits sparkle like fireworks.

*HANABI 1 Day 1 box 6 pieces Fujimaru*
It is a light purple that shines like a fireworks.
"Sweatband" started handling!
"Sweatband" started handling!
Make-up collapse, facial sweat, axillary sweat, sweat stain!
It is a waste sweat prevention band that got inspiration from Maiko's wisdom.
Pressure point pressed & tightened with protrusions on the chest and the axilles!
It applies sweat by applying the principle of skin pressure sweating, reflection.
It is easy to use not only for women but also for men, flesh color type which is hard to see through even for thin outerwear.

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