• Cosplay miscellaneous goods

Cosplay miscellaneous goods

Cosplay item

We have various items related to cosplay


The best imitation weapon for cosplay


The best umbrella for cosplay


The best glasses for cosplay


It is a counterfeit product that is one point of shooting


It is the best accessory for cosplay

Home item

We have the best items for home costumes

Background cloth

A background cloth that is perfect for home costumes

Photography accessories

It is an item that is useful for home costumes and normal shooting


It is a decorative item that further enhances the quality of shooting.

Light item

A light item that can be used for home costumes and selfies.

Wig accessories

We have various accessories related to wigs

Wig net

A wig net with a wide variety of colors

Wig set item

It is a convenient product for processing wigs.

Wig care item

It is a convenient product for cleaning wigs.

Various scissors for wigs

It is a convenient product for cutting wigs.

Wig accessories

A wide variety of ornaments

Useful Collectibles

It is a convenient product that is useful for cosplay.

Building material

We have various items related to modeling

Freedom board

Assist original modeling material.

Versatile fabric

All-purpose fabrics are cotton-like fabrics that can be used to create cosplay sculptures by applying heat.

Building Board Sanperqa

It is the best board for modeling that is strong in curved surface expression.

Parts · Other

It is a convenient product for modeling

Design cut & set

It is a service that provides total support for cuts and sets.

Bangs cut

Cut the bangs to the desired length

Cut length

Cut the side hair and back hair to the desired length

Curl processing

Apply the desired curl to the wig vance parts

Design cut & set

Cut and set the wig to your desired style


It is a cosplay related magazine

Ashinyan Goods

Assist wig official character goods


We have various advantageous products

Product campa

It is a great product during the campaign period

Set items

It is a great set product

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