• Cosplay miscellaneous goods

Cosplay miscellaneous goods

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Cosplay item

We have various items related to cosplay


The best imitation weapon for cosplay


The best glasses for cosplay


It is a counterfeit product that is one point of shooting


It is the best accessory for cosplay

Home item

We have the best items for home costumes

Background cloth

A background cloth that is perfect for home costumes

Photography accessories

It is an item that is useful for home costumes and normal shooting


It is a decorative item that further enhances the quality of shooting.

Light item

A light item that can be used for home costumes and selfies.

Wig accessories

We have various accessories related to wigs

Wig Net

A wig net with a wide variety of colors

Wig Set Item

It is a convenient product for processing wigs.

Wig Care Item

It is a convenient product for cleaning wigs.

Various Scissors For Wigs

It is a convenient product for cutting wigs.

Wig Accessories

A wide variety of ornaments

Useful Collectibles

It is a convenient product that is useful for cosplay.


It is a cosplay related magazine

Ashinyan Goods

Assist wig official character goods


We have various advantageous products

Limited special price items

It is a great deal of limited special price ◆ 100 yen / 300 yen uniform SALE is being carried out! ◆

Set items

It is a great set product

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