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Modeling Item

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It is a modeling item that can only be purchased with assistance.


It is the best board for cosplay specializing in modeling

Assist Board

Born from the voice of a cosplayer! Modeling board This board is ideal for modeling because it has moderate hardness, is easy to heat, and can express curved surfaces.
3mm / 5mm / 10mm / seal type development

San Perca

A purveyor to cosplayers! A board that is strong against curved surface expressions.
Deployment of 3mm / 5mm

Freedom Board

Assist original modeling material

Armor Base

If you are a beginner who does not know what to start with, or if you want to shorten the time, this is a must-see product that has already been shaped and is only customized.


The best paint for modeling


It is the best clay for fine decoration and small items production. It is a clay that can be used according to the expression of the work you want to make.


Professional staff carefully selected tools suitable for modeling materials

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