Melty CoCo

ファッションウィッグ Melty CoCo メインビジュアル

These daily wigs can be used for everyday use, after events, portraits, and many other purposes.

Check Point

Melty CoCo 4 Commitments

1Attention to appearance...

Low luster, producing a human hair-like luster.
The whorl is a natural I-shape that looks even more natural when worn standing up.

Gloss Comparison
Daily wig

Low gloss, natural luster ideal for daily use

Cosplay wig

The perfect luster for the character you want to be


Natural I shape. Wear it standing up for an even more natural look. (Some products are not I-shape.)

2Attention to hair quality...

Natural hair texture that feels like human hair.
The hair is soft and easy to run your fingers through, making you want to touch it again and again.


3Attention to fit...

Reproduces just the right amount of hair without looking like a wig.
The appropriate amount of hair is calculated by studying the appearance of the natural hair and reflected in the wig.
The net comes with a special clip to prevent it from slipping out of place.


Net with special hairpin to prevent displacement

4Commitment to Ease...

Delivered with pre-cut bangs.
It can also be worn more naturally with a little cutting and setting.

Condition at time of delivery
Lightly cut set