Melty CoCo

Short wig

Mannish short

I made a wig a classic popular style of short style ♪

Mash curl short

It is a cute mash style with trendy curls ♪

Jet wing short

It is a refreshing up bang style ♪

Coco curl short

A cute bob short with only the tips of the hair wrapped lightly with a trowel ♪

Root Color Short

Super natural short style with shadow uts ♪

Medium wig

Natural bob

A cute bob style that sticks to the curl of the face line ♪

Nuance curl bob

Fashionable and natural bob style that doesn't look heavy ♪

Ford curl medium

Curl style with long bangs and matureness ♪

Long wig

Nuance Curl Long

I made a long classic popular style into a wig ♪

Chiffon Curl Long

Wave curl style like wrapping with a trowel ♪

Natural Curl Long

Curl style with long bangs and matureness ♪

Choose from colors

Melty Black

It is a natural black that is close to the natural coat color of Japanese people.

Melty light gold

It is a matte trend color gold with little shine.

Melty Dark Red

It is a classic red with a dark tone and elegance.

Melty Ash Pink

It is a unique and cute ash color pink

Melty Marron

It is a brown that mixes colors that are familiar to the skin.

Melty milk chocolate

It is a standard brown that is close to the color that dyed human hair.

Melty bitter chocolate

It is a transparent brown that is not too dark.

Melty olive

Ash color. It is a classic khaki brown

Gradation color

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