Cosplay costume

Cosplay costume - general

We have various costumes related to cosplay

Color jacket

A standard jacket with a beautiful silhouette

school uniform

A standard school run with a beautiful silhouette

Color trousers

Standard pants with a beautiful silhouette

Color pleated skirt

A pleated skirt with a beautiful silhouette

Color vest

A standard vest with a beautiful silhouette

Color shirt

A standard shirt with a wide variety of colors


A standard cardigan with a beautiful silhouette


A standard sweater with a beautiful silhouette

Japanese clothes

Various traditional Japanese costumes


Costume accessories

We have various accessories related to cosplay costumes.


The best hat for cosplay


The best gloves for cosplay

Color tie

The best tie for cosplay

Color ribbon

The best ribbon for cosplay

Color belt

Colorful choker belts and boot belts


The perfect bag for cosplay

Socks / Tabi

The best socks and socks for cosplay


The best costumes and costume accessories for cosplay

Inner Item

It is an inner item that supports men's clothing and tightening effect

Items for men

It is the best inner item for cosplay men's clothing

Items for ladies

It is the best inner item for cosplay transvestites

Items for ladies unisex

A unisex inner item ideal for cosplay


We have various advantageous products

Product campa

It is a great product during the campaign period

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