Cosplay costume

Cosplay costume - general

Various costumes related to cosplay are available

Color jacket

It is a standard jacket with a beautiful silhouette

school uniform

Silhouette is a beautiful standard school run

Color trousers

Standard pants with a beautiful silhouette

Color pleated skirt

It is a beautiful pleated skirt of silhouette

Color vest

Silhouette is a beautiful standard vest

Color shirt

It is a rich standard shirt with color variations

Japanese clothes

It is various traditional costumes of Japan


Costume accessories

We have various accessories about cosplay costumes


It is the best hat for cosplay


It is the best glove for cosplay

Color tie

It is the best tie for cosplay

Color ribbon

It is the best ribbon for cosplay

Color belt

It is a colorful choke belt and boots belt


It is the best bag for cosplay

Socks / Tabi

It is the best socks and socks for cosplay

Costume production item

It is the best item for creating costumes


It is the best costume and costumes accessory for cosplay

Inner Item

An inner item that supports masculine and tightening effects

Items for men

The inner item is perfect for cosplaying men

Items for ladies

An inner item that is ideal for cosplay girls

Items for ladies unisex

It is a unisex inner item suitable for cosplay

Character costume

It is a character's cosplay costume ※ It is a COSPA product It is not an official licensed product of assist wig

Bungo stray dogs

Bunbu Stray Dogs's licensed official product
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Limited special price items

It is a special price special price item

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