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About Shopping Cart (Online Shopping Procedure)

* The shopping carts here are using Cookie that temporarily stores a browser's information, including the input data history.

1. Add a product(s) to your shopping cart.

When you click "Add to Your Shopping Cart", the product will be added to your cart. When you're buying more than one product, please select the quantity through a pull-down menu and click "Add to Your Shopping Cart".

2-1. Shopping Cart (Product Selection)

The content of your order will be shown. Please confirm the product name and the quantity. If you like to change the quantity, please fill in your desired quantity and click "Revise". If you like to cancel the order, please click "Remove" on the right side of each product.

If you're going to continue shopping, please click "Continue Shopping". The content in your shopping cart will be retained until you close down all of your Internet pages.

2-2. Shopping Cart (Product Selection)

If you are not a registered member, please click "Proceed to Order". If you are a registered member, please fill in your ID (e-mail address) and password, and then log in. It is also possible to order via your Facebook account.

3. Shopping Cart (Fill-in Customer's Information)

Purchaser's Information: 
If you're not a registered member, the Customer's Information page will come out on your screen. Please fill in correct information of the purchaser.
If you fill in an incorrect e-mail address, our confirmation e-mails will not reach you. Please make sure your e-mail address is correctly filled in.
Items to Fill-in: Your Name, Zip Code, Address, Telephone Number & E-mail Address If you do not wish to submit your "Member Registration", please click "No, I do not wish to register".
*The above "Purchaser's Information" will not come out on your screen if you've logged in with your ID and password.

Delivery Destination Information:
If the delivery destination is same as the purchaser's address:
Please check "Same as the Purchaser", and click "Select Payment Method".

If the delivery destination is different from the purchaser's address:
Please check "Another Address for Delivery", and please fill in the new destination. The items to fill in: 
Name, Address, Telephone Number, e-mail Address of the receiver After you complete filling in the above, please click "Add New Delivery Destination".

4. Shopping Cart (Selection of Payment Method)

Please select your payment method and click "Final Confirmation".
* Please carefully read the explanations for each payment method. Please be careful that the time when the actual payment will be made and the transaction fee may vary according to the payment method you select.

5. Final Confirmation of Order

When a list comes out, including your order content and delivery destination, please confirm that everything is properly listed and click "Order". If you have any comment, question or request, please write about it in the Comment/Request field. If you need to change any part of your order content or delivery destination, please click "Return to Previous Page" and make necessary changes.

6. Order Completion

When the screen of Order Completion comes out, your order placement is done. In a few minutes, "Order Confirmation E-mail" will be sent to your registered address. Later on, "Order Final Affirmation E-mail" will be sent to your registered address after we finally confirm your order.

Your order placement will be final at this point, and we'll start shipment preparations.

* "Order Confirmation E-mail" is an automatically dispatched e-mail when your order information reaches our server. Your order placement is not yet final when this automatic e-mail is received.

*If you do not receive this "Order Confirmation E-mail" within a few minutes after your order placement is completed, there is a possibility that your order placement was not properly processed. In such a case, we would like to ask you to advise us through "Contact Us" form of the following: ordered products, order date, your e-mail address, etc.

About Member Registration

When you become a registered member, you'll be able to enjoy campaigns for your benefit, and you do not have to repeat filling in your address when you order next time. Your online shopping will be much easier as a registered member, so we encourage you to complete the registration.

1. When you click "For New Member Registration" on the left Menu, the New Member Registration screen will come out.

2. If you're going to be registered for the first time, please fill in your e-mail address and then click "Send".

3. You'll then receive Member Registration URL via e-mail. Please complete the registration according to the form.

* If you're already registered, please click "Revise Member's Information" on the left Menu and log in by filling in your registered e-mail address and password.

Attention at the Time of Placing an Order

After we receive your order placement at our online store, we'll first contact you to let you know that your order was received and will ask for your confirmation. [Order Confirmation E-mail]

Then we'll contact you one more time via e-mail to finalize your order. Your order will become final at that time. [Final Order Affirmation E-mail] (※Kindly understand that your order is not yet final until our order affirmation is sent to you via e-mail.)

For the "Product Arrival Date from Factories", we'll contact and advise you of the expected arrival date after we receive your order placement.

If you do not hear from us for 3 days after you place an order, we would like to ask you to contact us through the below e-mail address and check the order status.

After you finalize your order, change/cancellation is not acceptable if it were due to your own reasons.

Please be aware that the sales prices could be revised without an advance notice.

The expected arrival dates of products from factories are based on the information from our manufacturers and agents.

There is a possibility that we may revise the originally expected arrival date of products from factories, depending upon the supply conditions.

If you have any question about the content of products, please contact us through the e-mail address listed below. If you have any other issues to consult with us, please contact us through this same e-mail address.

* Click here for Contact

About Payment

Please confirm details on the "About Delivery & Payments" page.
Please click here to go to the "About Delivery & Payments" page.

About the Delivery Method

We'll deliver our products from Japan by using EMS.
We're not able to handle the delivery in any other way.

Depending upon the countries where our customers receive our products and their local conditions, customs duty might be imposed. The customs duty shall be covered by the customers, so we would like to ask our customers to make a payment directly to the delivery companies or the customs. The regulations may vary in each country, therefore, we ask each customer to get details from the customs through which they'll receive the products.

About Returning/Exchanging Products & Refund

Please confirm details on the "About Returning/Exchanging Product(s)" page.
Please click here to go to the "About Returning/Exchanging Product(s)" page.

About Security

Security Policy:

Our website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) signals on every page that requires our customers' private information. When you place an order, you'll need a browser (Safari, Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) that responds to the SSL. By using a browser that responds to the SSL, the secrecy of the private information sent through the Internet can be preserved. Regarding our customers' credit cards information in case of making a payment with a credit card, it is protected by 128 bit SSL code signal transmission. Please be assured that your credit card information will not be seen by others. We'll be responsible for safely storing and saving our customers' information we receive through order placements and their registrations for e-mail news. We'll not transfer or present such information to the third party.

Privacy Policy

Our company pays utmost attention to protecting our customers' private information, including their names, birth dates and addresses. Please see more details for Privacy Policy. 
Please see Our Privacy Protection Policy.

Click here for Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please confirm details on the "FAQ" page.
Please click here to go to the "FAQ" page.

About Inquiries

*Click here to "Contact Us".
We would like to ask our customers to contact us through the “Contact Us” form for any inquiries regarding this online shop. 
We ask for your kind understanding that we are able to reply to your inquiries only via e-mails.