About Returning/Exchanging Product(s)

1) Refund/Redelivery

Our company will promptly proceed with a refund/Redelivery only when the following cases apply to the product delivered to our customers.

① In case the ordered product and delivered product are different.
② In case the delivered product is defective.

We ask our customers to :

(1)take pictures of the received product(s) and 
(2)send them via e-mail to our company within 8 days after the receipt of the product(s), including information on
(3)the product(s) you had actually ordered, 
(4)the order ID, 
(5)your name, and 
(6)the e-mail address which you used when you ordered the product(s). 

E-mail address of our company: info@assistcosplay.com

We will reply after confirming your email.
Depending upon the stock availability of the product, 
we'll proceed with either exchange or refund. We would like to ask you to confirm your understanding of the following 2 different cases:

1. In case the same product(s) is available in our stock:
Our company will ship the same product(s) to you. The redelivery cost will be covered by our company. 

If you are charged with the customs duties when receiving the redelivered product(s), we ask you to inform us of the amount of the customs duties via e-mail within the day of the receipt of the product(s). Our company will cover the delivery fee and the customs duties by using PayPal.

We ask for your attention that our company will cover only the delivery fee if you don't immediately contact us via e-mail and inform us of the amount of the charged customs duties.

2. In case the same product(s) is not available in our stock:
Our company will proceed with a refund. In this case, our company will reimburse the amount to you, including only the product and delivery cost. (Sorry but our company will not be able to reimburse other expenses such as the customs duties, import tax and customs clearance fee that might have been charged to you for importing the product(s).) The refund will be made by using PayPal.

* In case the returned product(s) is different from what you reported in your initial e-mail, or you don't inform us of your return shipment number after 3 days have passed since we sent you the return e-mail, our company will not be able to proceed with the refund whatever reasons you may have.