• Notification from Assist Wig

Notification from Assist Wig

Confident in the industry's top quality!

In our shop, we handle only high-quality wigs of the industry top class.

Compared to regular wigs, the feeling of smoothness and shininess are different.
Also, if you can have it for your hands, you can feel the good touch and the very smooth hair strands.
In addition, our wig has high heat resistance, it can correspond to a set with a hair dryer or iron, so you can arrange it as you like.

Assist Wig Premium Full Wig 2nd Half Price Campaign

Assist Wig For the full wig of the premium, 50% OFF for one piece each purchase

  • In the Assist Wig, we are implementing the "50% OFF Campaign" to feel free to try our wig.
  • Assist Wig For each purchase of two premium full wigs, I will price one for one!
    Please try out various wigs by all means from a wide selection of products.

    * Full wig 2nd Half Price campaign is only for full wig of Assist Wig Premium. Assist Wig Basic full wig is not eligible.

    * Full wig 2nd Half Price campaign is a campaign holding 4 stores of this site, Assist Wig Akihabara store, Assist wig Ikebukuro store, Assist wig Osaka Nihonbashi store.

    * If you purchase 2 pieces, 1 piece is half price. If purchasing 3 pieces, 1 piece is half price. If you purchase 4 pieces, 2 pieces are half price.

    * The target of discount is from products with low price.

    * Point wigs such as vance and wig parts are excluded from the campaign. Please note.

We are looking for members!

For Assist Wig, we are looking for members to make shopping convenient.
By all means, please register as a member on this occasion.

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