Privacy policy

1.Observance of Laws

Our company shall observe the laws related to private information, and will do our best to protect our customers' valuable private information.

2. Handling Customers' Private Information

Our company shall properly handle our customers' private information, limited to the extent of the following objectives:

* Handling shipments of the ordered products and providing related after services;
* Promoting sales of our company's services, conducting questionnaire surveys, and sending out gifts;
* Improving our company's services or developing new services;
* Replying to our customers' inquiries and concerns.

3. Entrusting/Supplying Our Customers' Private Information

Our company may entrust our customers' private information to our service providers or our business partners in order to accomplish the abovementioned objectives. In such a case, we shall select the companies that fully protect the private information. We shall carry out proper and needed actions, including signing an agreement for the protection of the private information.
Should any public institutions, such as courts and police stations, request us to disclose the private information, we may present it to the relevant public institutions.

4. Revision

Our Company may revise its privacy policy in order to protect our customers' private information or to respond to the changing laws and other norms. If it is revised, we'll notify our customers through our homepage.