About Assist Cosplay Shop

Q. What does Assist Cosplay Shop sell?

Assist Cosplay Shop sells wigs, shoes and accessories for Cosplay (Costume Play).
Our wigs come in a wide variety of over 20 different styles in more than 100 different colors.
With light and smooth hair in a solid volume, we're sure you'll find yourself like your favorite animation character.

Our shoes are developed for Cosplayers. At present, we have a variety of shoes in relatively smaller sizes. We're planning to increase the variety for larger sizes and for those who're taller.
As for the accessories, we've prepared various items in a Japanese-style that are very useful for Japanese-style Cosplay. We also handle many items that can be used for your wig care, including several pairs of scissors which are most useful when you adjust your wig hair and a spray to prevent your wig hair from tangling.

Q. What is "Assist Wig"?

"Assist Wig" is one of the Japanese brands that handle hair wigs.
Japan is the birthplace of Cosplay. People in Japan highly recommend "Assist Wig" for Cosplayers based on its high quality wigs.

How to Order and Make a Payment

Q. How can I make a payment?

A payment can be made by PayPal. At present, PayPal is the only way for you to make a payment. We request our customers to make a payment within 14 days after an order is final. If we can't confirm the payment, the order will be automatically cancelled.

Q. Can I place an order by phone?

Sorry but we're not accepting phone orders as we wish to prevent any discrepancy with your orders and deliveries. Should you have any problem in placing an order through this "Assist Wig" online shopping, we would like to ask you to contact us via e-mail by clicking the "Contact Us" button.

*Click here to "Contact Us".

Q. Is it possible to change the payment method after placing an order?

Sorry but you can't change your payment method after you place an order. Please decide your payment method when you place an order in your shopping cart.

Q. When a product is sold out, will it be made available again?

Yes, all the products, except the following items, will be shipped from our factory again. * Discontinued products
* Outlet products
* Products made for special campaigns
* Products sold for a limited period

Please get more details through "Contact us".
*Click here to "Contact Us".

Distribution & Delivery

Q. How long does it take before receiving a product?

Upon confirmation of your payment, we'll ship your product(s) from Japan.
It will take about 5-7 days after we confirm your payment and before you receive the product(s).
(The delivery time may vary according to the destinations.)

*We ask for your understanding that the delivery might be delayed due to weather and/or traffic conditions/or customs.For more information, please click here.

Q. May I come directly to your store and receive the product(s)?

Yes, you can. We'll prepare your ordered product(s) at a store in advance.
When you place an order on the online shopping, please specify "Which store you wish to visit" and the expected "Date of Your Visit" in the "Comments " field.
We may not be able to prepare your ordered product(s) without your advance request.

Q. Is it possible to deliver the product(s) to a different address from that of the one who places an order?

Yes, it is possible.
When you place an order in your cart, please move to Step2, the Customer Information field.
Please move to "Delivery to Another Address", and fill in the address where the product(s) should be delivered.

Q. My ordered product(s) have not been delivered yet.

Sorry if your product(s) have not yet reached you. Please click on the "Contact Us" link below and advise your Order Number and mention you're still waiting for the delivery. We'll check the delivery status and get back to you by return e-mail. We apologize for taking your extra time in contacting us.

*Click here to "Contact Us".

Member Registration

Q. Is Registration Fee or Annual Fee required?

No. There is no Registration or Annual Fee.

Q. May I change my registered information, including my address and e-mail address?

Yes, you can change them through My Page.

[Change Your Registered Information]
1. Please log in and enter My Page by using your registered e-mail address and password
2. When My Page comes out, please select "Confirm & Revise Your Registered Information" in the upper menu.
3. Your currently registered information will be on the screen. Please change the section as you may find necessary. After you fill in the new information, please click the "Revise" button, and save your revised content for your own reference.

Q. I forgot my password. What can I do?

The below URL can re-send your password to you. After you fill in your e-mail address, please click "Send". We'll send your registered password to your registered e-mail address.

* Click here to have your password resent to you.

Q. How is your online security system for our private information?

Our company pays utmost attention to protecting our customers' private information, including their names, birth dates and addresses. Please see more details for Privacy Policy.

* Click here for Privacy Policy

Return, Exchange and Cancellation

Q. The received product(s) is different from what I had expected. Can I return the product(s)?
Yes, you can if you return the product(s) within 8 days after it is received.
Please confirm the details in the "8-day Return Warranty" page.
Q. The product(s) is supposed to be in a free size, however, it does not fit me. How can I make adjustments? If I can't adjust it to fit me, can I return the product(s)?

Our wigs have a hook on the back side. You can make adjustments to a certain level by using the hook. If the product(s) still does not fit you, you can return it to us. Please contact us first via e-mail for us to start a necessary return procedure. Please confirm details in the "About Returning/Exchange".

* Please click here for "About Returning/Exchange"

Q. May I return the product(s)?

Yes, you can. You can return the product(s) to us within 8 days after the product (s) is received. Please send us an e-mail to advise us of your intent to return the product(s) so that we can start a necessary return procedure. We must request our customers to cover the return delivery cost if the return is due to the customers' own personal reasons.

In case of a defect or wrong product(s) being received, please notify us via e-mail within 8 days after it is received. We'll exchange the product(s) or proceed with the refund. ※We won't be able to accept return/exchange of the product(s) beyond "the period of 8 days after the product(s) is received" or in case of "the product(s) being damaged or stained by customers". ※E-mail address for contact:info@assist-wig.com

Q. How long can a cancellation be accepted?

An order can't be changed or cancelled once the product(s) is prepared for shipment. A change can be made before the shipment. Please contact us via the “Contact Us” form.

*Click here to "Contact Us".

* Please see more details in "Notices from Assist Wig".

Q. It helps that customers can return products, however, I personally wonder
if it is a good idea to purchase what might have been returned by someone else. We do not resell the items as new products, which were returned by our customers. At present, we're selling them at our stores in Akihabara and Nihon-bashi in Tokyo as "Outlet" products.
Q. The received product(s) is different from the image I had. Can I ask for exchange?

Yes, you can. Please contact us via the “Contact Us” form within 8 days after the product(s) is received. We'll exchange the product(s).

* We won't be able to accept exchange beyond "the period of 8 days after the product(s) is received". We request our customers to contact us as soon as possible.
* In case of exchange, we request our customers to cover the delivery cost of the product(s) back to us, therefore, please ship it back to us at the sender's cost.

Upon receipt of the returned product(s), we'll ship your desired product(s) to you at the receiver's cost. Your clear understanding is appreciated in advance. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Click here to "Contact Us".

Inquires via E-mail

Q. Does your company send us an e-mail of notification after an order is placed?

Yes. We'll contact you to check and ask for your confirmation on your order. Then, we'll contact you one more time to finalize your order. Your order will become final at that time.

※Kindly understand that your order is not yet final until our Order Placement Final Affirmation is sent to you via e-mail.

Q. I purchased a product(s), however, I've not received an e-mail for my order confirmation. Is my order placement in effect?

Sorry, there is a possibility that your order placement was not properly completed. There is also a possibility that your e-mail address was not correctly registered. Please click on the "Contact Us" link below and advise us: your name, your e-mail address, the name of the product(s) ordered by you, and the date you placed the order. We'll check if your order was processed, and will contact you upon confirmation.

*Click here to "Contact Us".

Q. I'm using a junk e-mail prevention mechanism. Is there any possibility that e-mails from Assist Wig will not reach me?

Yes, we experienced cases in which our confirmation e-mails were considered as junk e-mails and did not reach our customers. If you're using a junk e-mail prevention mechanism, kindly take your time to add our domain name [@assistcosplay.com] to your acceptable senders list.

There is also a possibility that our confirmation e-mails can be found in your Junk E-mail Folder. Please check this folder to see if our e-mails are found.

Q. I did not place an order, but it appears an order was placed by me.

We apologize if there is any error. If you receive any incorrect order confirmation, please click on the "Contact Us" link below and advise you've received an incorrect order confirmation, including: the order number and your name. Sorry for taking your extra time in contacting us.

*Click here to "Contact Us".

Q. How can I contact your company in case of any question or inquiry?

Please contact us via the “Contact Us” form in case you have any inquiry regarding our online shopping website. Sorry, we're not able to answer your inquiries by phone.

*Click here to "Contact Us".

Miscellaneous Matter

Q. As for Cosplayers' photos used on your website as an image, is your company using the photos without their permissions?

All the photos of Cosplayers are uploaded after we received their permissions.


Q. About Refunding

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Returning/Exchanging Service

About Returning/Exchanging Service
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