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★ Assist Original ★ Wig Holder Long hair type


It is a band that can fix the wig. Pain caused by tightening the wig net is also reduced!

[How to use]
① Put your hair together and put on a wig net.
(2) Place the area (occipital region) where you want to hold the hair on the mesh part of the wig holder and wrap it while pulling lightly. * Be careful not to pull too much.
③ Stick the cloths together while adjusting the position so that the lower end of the wig holder is on the hairline. * You can fix it in any position you like!
④ Complete with a wig ★

★ Click here for an explanation with photos ★

Material Power net, soft velcro
Manufacturer made in Japan
Color beige
Length Overall length: 60 cm (mesh part: 18 cm), vertical width: 6 cm (maximum: 11.5 cm)
Size One size fits all

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Features and usage of wig holder

This is an introduction to the features and usage of the wig holder.

Wig holder
What is a wig holder?
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Product introduction video

How to use the inner "wig holder" for wigs

By using the "wig holder", you can prevent the wig from slipping and suppress the hair to make it more beautiful. In addition, a special cushioning fabric reduces the tightening peculiar to wigs.

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