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Hedge Parts Chocolate Mint NCM-122

Assist wig Premium

It is a perfect part for expressing a beautiful hairline.

It is a best wig for expressing beautiful hairline.
Pastel green is a little dark green.

Specification Hedge part (about 19 cm × 2 cm) is hand-planted specification
Material Hair: fiber (not human hair), film: PU (translucent)
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color Chocolate mint (single color)
Size Length: about 19 cm, width: about 17.5 cm
You can show more naturally by firmly bonding the skin and the hairline part attaching part.
For adhesion to the skin, " Wigg exclusive strong double-sided tape Pitachi " is the best.
Glue guns are recommended when gluing wig body and hairline parts.

[how to use]
For more information is here
※ I will introduce it in the staff blog.

There may be some stains and dirt on the film part ※.
※ Film part is easy to break, so please handle with care enough.
  • Assist original color

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Color variations

Current color:Chocolate mint (single color)

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  • White 600White 600
  • White Silver 60White Silver 60
  • Half Silver NSD-71Half Silver NSD-71
  • Dark Silver 171Dark Silver 171
  • Smoke Black NSBK-106Smoke Black NSBK-106
  • Black 1BBlack 1B
  • Honey milk NMP-49Honey milk NMP-49
  • Yellow Shane NUG-61Yellow Shane NUG-61
  • Honey Blonde 86Honey Blonde 86
  • Yellow Gold NEG-26Yellow Gold NEG-26
  • Peace Island Yellow NPIY-77Peace Island Yellow NPIY-77
  • Moon ash NMA-29Moon ash NMA-29
  • Gold 613Gold 613
  • Sunshine NPSS-78Sunshine NPSS-78
  • Milky Gold 369Milky Gold 369
  • Milk tea Gold 22Milk tea Gold 22
  • LateLate NRFF-88LateLate NRFF-88
  • Brown Gold 26Brown Gold 26
  • Brown sugar NBS-47Brown sugar NBS-47
  • Maron Brown NMR B-97Maron Brown NMR B-97
  • Mocha Brown 33Mocha Brown 33
  • Red Brown 2T33Red Brown 2T33
  • Olive Brown NASY-58Olive Brown NASY-58
  • Light Brown 702Light Brown 702
  • Brown 8Brown 8
  • Bitter Brown 4Bitter Brown 4
  • Black Brown 3Black Brown 3
  • Apricot NAP-46Apricot NAP-46
  • Manhattan Orange NDBK-21Manhattan Orange NDBK-21
  • Brick Orange 350Brick Orange 350
  • Orange NGOO-13Orange NGOO-13
  • Baby Peach NSP-54Baby Peach NSP-54
  • Rose Pink NDR-14Rose Pink NDR-14
  • Red Orange NOR-33Red Orange NOR-33
  • Wine Red 118Wine Red 118
  • Ginger NMDB-23Ginger NMDB-23
  • Amethyst NPPA-9Amethyst NPPA-9
  • Purple Ash NMDL-16Purple Ash NMDL-16
  • Violet NMV-7Violet NMV-7
  • Black Berry NMSB-38Black Berry NMSB-38
  • Aquamarine NUUA-1Aquamarine NUUA-1
  • Romance Blue NBL-76Romance Blue NBL-76
  • Premium Blue NBM-75Premium Blue NBM-75
  • Navy NAZ-55Navy NAZ-55
  • Dark Blue NDRB-99Dark Blue NDRB-99
  • Chocolate Mint NCM-122Chocolate Mint NCM-122
  • Ivy Green NGDO-17Ivy Green NGDO-17
  • Romance Green NLM-32Romance Green NLM-32
  • Light Green NLG-11Light Green NLG-11
  • Viridian NME-22Viridian NME-22
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