Front Lace Short Red Brown 2T33


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About product

Short style with front lace (hand-planted) specifications

Recommended for those who want to create a natural hairline that resembles natural hair.
Ideal for creating an all-back look or standing up bangs.
It is a mixture of black and mocha brown.

If you are concerned about the transparency of your natural hair in the tulle part, we recommend using a hairline concealing sticker .

Item detail

Product ID 33686
JAN(EAN) code 4573353742485
Spec Heat Resistant Temperature: Up to 356°F (180℃). 221°F~248°F(105℃~120℃) Recommended
Material Fiber (not human hair)
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color Red brown (mixed color)
Length Front: 28cm Side: 30cm Back:30cm
Size Free size up to 59cm



Standard accessories

If you purchase a full wig with a similar color net, we will also include a similar color net and swimming cap type wig net.

Special notes

*The margin of the tulle part is not cut. Cut it according to your desired shape.
*Due to the hand-planted specifications, the size may vary slightly. Please note.