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About product

It is a heat-resistant short wig that you can wear without cutting.

Moderate length you can wear as it is without cutting the bangs!
Light head weight without moderate hair volume! Natural form is characterized!

About wig net


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Assist offers a wide variety of essential items for wig wearing.

How to wear a wig








How to care for your wig

How to store wigs

The processed wig should be placed on a wig stand or head mannequin.
(Please be careful not to get dust on it.)

For unprocessed wigs, please roll and shape the paper inside the inner cap, then cover it with a protective net and place it in the nylon, etc. provided.
*Depending on how you put them away, they may mold, so please store them carefully and carefully.


How to care for your wig

After removing dust, etc., spray "Mr. Sarasara" damage care spray.
Comb the hair with a special wig brush, starting from the lower ends.

①Lower hair ends → ②from the middle down → ③from the top (top of the head) down

Finally, apply a straightening iron to straighten the hair. (Optimum processing temperature: 105°C to 120°C)


Item detail

Product ID 11438
JAN(EAN) code 4573353602505
Spec Tsutsuji type: 1" round skin top Heat Resistant Temperature Up to 356°F (180℃). 221°F~248°F(105℃~120℃) Recommended
Material Fiber (not human hair.)
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color BGOLD-13
Length Front: about 21 cm, width: about 25 cm, back: about 32 cm * Measured from the tsunzu
Size Free size up to 59 cm
Accessory ※ The wig net is not included. If you do not have one, please purchase.

Special notes

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Basic color sample book No. 1 to 3 (3 books of all 501 colors included) Now on sale!

About AssistWig Basic

Basic wigs are producing wigs at multiple factories to achieve 501 colors. Please note that there are some differences in length / puff amount depending on color.