Assist wig Basic +

Choose from styles

Heat resistant wig short style

Regular short

Heat resistant wig with short front style long bangs

Choose from colors

Black series

It is a black series color

Gray series

It is a gray series color

Yellow gold series

It is a yellow gold series color

Bronze Gold type

It is a bronze gold series color

Light brown series

It is light brown color

Brown type

It is a brown series color

Orange type

It is an orange color

Pink type

It is a pink color

Red type

It is a red series color

Light purple series

It is a light purple series color

Purple series

Purple series color

Light Blue series

It is a light blue series color

Blue series

It is a blue series color

Light green series

Light green series color

Green series

It is a green series color

To those who want to stick to wig more
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