Styrofoam Head Mannequin Base

JPY 880

  • Assist wig original item
  • Size larger

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About product

This is the base of Assist Wig's original Styrofoam head mannequin.

Increased sense of stability by attaching the base!
The attached mannequin can be removed.
Recommended for carrying wigs during events and photo shoots!
Cut the base to fit your wig transport case♪
It is also recommended to secure it to the workbench to widen the ground surface when cutting a wig!

[★Life size★ Styrofoam head mannequin] is recommended for the head mannequin♪

Item detail

Product ID 34924
JAN(EAN) code 4573353757328
Spec 2-part type
Material styrofoam
Size Post...Length: approx. 7cm, diameter: approx. 2.5cm Base...height: approx. 25cm, width: approx. 35cm, thickness: approx. 3cm

Special notes

*There may be some dirt, scratches, etc.
*If you use oil-based paints or adhesives, the surface may melt or lose its shape.
*Due to the manufacturing process, there may be small protrusions or chips on the surface, but this is not a problem with the product.
*If you insert and remove the prop from the base many times, the fixation may become loose. In that case, fix it with double-sided tape.
*If the split part opens when you insert the styrofoam head mannequin into the post, please use double-sided tape to adhere it.