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Contact lens mounting medicine Moist cushion Fallin drop NEO

JPY 880

  • made in Japan

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About product

A moisturizing feeling when freshly applied♪ This base essence is perfect for the feeling of foreign body caused by contact lenses and thirst.

① Moisture Veil The combination of ``hypromellose'' and ``polyvinyl alcohol'' in water-soluble polymers with high water retention ability creates a ``moisture veil'' on the lens surface, allowing for comfortable lens wear.

② Blocks lens dirt Moisturizing ingredients reduce foreign body sensation, irritation, and dryness when wearing lenses, making it easier to wear lenses.
It also makes it difficult for stains such as proteins and lipids in tear fluid to adhere to the lens.

③ Same feeling as before. Contains two types of amino acids, ``taurine'' and ``aspartic acid,'' which revitalize tired eyes, and ``chondroitin,'' an ingredient that helps protect the corneal surface layer, as a thickening agent.

Item detail

Product ID 33058
JAN(EAN) code 4986507052284
Spec Designated quasi-drug
Weight/Capacity 15ml

Special notes

*Can be used with all contact lenses, both soft and hard.
*Wet both sides of the contact lens with 1 to 3 drops of this agent and then put it on.