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Assist ChouChou Shutella 1Day Walking red

Limited priceJPY1,280

Lens specifications

DIA (contact lens diameter) 14.5 mm
BC (radius of curvature of contact lens inner surface) 8.6 mm
Moisture content (percentage of water contained in contact lenses) 38.0%

*If you have any questions about color contact, please contact us via email form or

Assist wig original brand "Assist Chou Chou" 1 Day color control

It is a light blue that moisturizes the eyes like the rainy season. (4 tones)

Specification Sales name: MI one day lens, approval number: 22500BZX00009000, structure: sandwich manufacturing method, coloring diameter 13.8 mm
Manufacturer Assist Shushu Stella One Day (Producing country: Korea)
Color Walking red
Component Storage solution: sodium chloride
Expiration date All-day wear (1 Day)
1box 6 sheets
*Depending on the shooting environment, the color development of the color contact may differ.
*Depending on the color of your own eyes, there may be individual differences in the degree of color development.

*Please pay attention to the front and back when installing. Due to the characteristics of the product, some items may face inside in a blister.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • Assist original color

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Correct use of Assist Chou Chou "Shutella 1 Day" series

Assist Chou Chou The correct way to use the "Shutella 1 Day" series.

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