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Ever Color 1day MILIMORE

JPY 1,540

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Lens specifications

DIA (contact lens diameter) 14.2mm
BC (curvature radius of contact lens inner surface) 8.7mm
Moisture content (percentage of water contained in contact lenses) 60.0%

*If you have any questions about colored contact lenses, please contact us via email form or info@assist-wig.com.

About product

Ever color one day 1DAY color contact

Doubling the cuteness! Thin-rimmed beige, light-pigmented churu churu eyewear!

Item detail

Product ID 32163
JAN(EAN) code 4547683005831
Spec Brand name: Evercolor 1day Millimore, Approval number: 22600BZX00273A02
Manufacturer *This is not an Assist ChouChou original product.
Color begging pearl
Component Preservative solution: sodium chloride
Expiry date All day wear (1DAY)
1box 10 sheets

Special notes

* Depending on the shooting environment, the degree of color development of colored contacts may vary.
* Depending on the color of your own eyes, there are individual differences in the degree of color development.