The Tip Of The Clamp

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About product

2 tripods in 1!

★What is the tip of the clamp?★
A tripod attachment that allows you to use a camera tripod or light stand as a mannequin clamp.
Because it is compatible with tripod screws, it is easy to use and can be set at a low price!
*Uses universal standard screws.

Easily change the specifications of the shooting equipment to a clamp for cutting!
Just attach it to the tripod screw!

If you don't have a camera tripod or light stand
Slim clamp & head mannequin set is recommended

Item detail

Product ID 32046
JAN(EAN) code 4573353728809
Material plastic, metal
Size Height: about 6 cm (maximum), width: about 2.5 cm (maximum)

Special notes

*There may be some stains, scratches, etc.
*It can be used if there is a hole with a diameter of 2 cm and a depth of 5 cm at the bottom of the head mannequin.
*The connection between the clamp and the head mannequin may be a little unstable. In that case, fill the gap with a sponge, etc., and make fine adjustments.