Customized Imitation Sword White

JPY 4,480

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About product

Perfect imitation weapon for cosplay

It will be sold in a disassembled state so that it is easy to customize "Imitation Sword 2 (Large) White".
-You can express a more realistic sword by using it together with the [Glossy Sticker for Imitation Sword ] to give the blade a glossy look.

Product introduction video

Comparison with and without gloss stickers for imitation swords

This is a comparison of the one with and without the gloss sticker for imitation swords.
Please take a look.

How to attach glossy stickers for imitation swords

This is a video explaining how to apply the "glossy sticker for imitation swords" currently being handled by Assist Wig.
It's a little long because it's a series of flows, but please take a look.

Item detail

Product ID 31047
Weight/Capacity about 380g
Material wood, plastic
Color White
Size Total length: about 101 cm, blade: about 63 cm, guard: about 6.5 cm, scabbard: about 75 cm, handle: about 26 cm

Special notes

This product has been disassembled for easy customization.
When assembling, please use adhesive to fix the parts.
*There may be some stains, scratches, etc.