Off with Bubbles! Point Resetter

JPY 980

  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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About product

You can fix your hairstyle with pinpoint!

Dense foam (no dripping foam type)
Fine bubbles penetrate firmly into the gaps of the hair.

A special formula that easily removes even hard-type hair styling products with detergency!
Removes thoroughly while protecting the hair quality of the attached part.

-Bergamot scent


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Product introduction video

How to use Point Resetter AS

The stiff wig is back to normal!?
Learn in 1 minute! How to use Point Resetter AS

Item detail

Product ID 30851
JAN(EAN) code 4573353720315
Spec Cosmetic registered (can also be used on natural hair)
Weight/Capacity 50ml
Component water, ethanol, glycerin, etc.

Special notes

*Container specifications may change depending on the season.