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★ Assist Original ★ Cool Wig Net Long Hair Type


It is a long hair type of a cool wig net

Excellent breathability and cool effect ♪
1.5 times longer than traditional wig nets!

● You can use the wig coolly and comfortably!
● Recommended for people who want to use wigs for a long time!
● Eliminates the problem of having a lot of hair and the net popping off or not being able to fit in the net well
● It can be fixed by inserting the excess net from the hairline into the inside!

Specification Net type
Material polyester
Color beige
Size About 40 cm
* There may be color unevenness or coloring during the manufacturing process, but please note that there is no problem with quality.
  • Return exchange: not allowed

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How to wear a wig net


How to wear a wig

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