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★ Assist original ★ Curl guide


A strong ally to add soft curls to wigs!

Just hold the hair along the guide!
Easy for anyone! Fluffy curls♪

Perfect for creating gentle curls!
●Recommended for those who have always had trouble with strange dents ●Recommended for those who have trouble curling with an iron

[What is a curl guide...?]
It is a processing item for wigs that anyone can easily create beautiful curls with an easy-to-handle shape and a curve designed at the optimum angle.

Material plastic
Size Length: about 15 cm, width: about 6 cm, height: about 3 cm
*Please be careful not to burn yourself.
*Do not apply direct heat such as an iron or dryer. There is a risk of deformation.
*Do not place heavy objects on top. There is a risk of damage.
*Keep out of reach of children.
*Please stop using if it is damaged.
  • Return exchange: not allowed

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Easy for anyone! Fluffy curling [Curl Guide]

This is an introduction of the wig processing item [curl guide] that can express the ideal soft and gentle curve.

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Product introduction video

How to use the curl guide

Firm curl

How to use the curl guide

Fluffy curls

How to use the curl guide

Curly bangs

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