Husky Eye:Re 1Day

JPY 1,520

  • Assist wig original item
  • Assist original color

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Lens specifications

DIA (contact lens diameter) 14.5mm
BC (radius of curvature of the inner surface of the contact lens) 8.6mm
Water content (percentage of water contained in contact lenses) 38.0%

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Husky Eye:Re 1Day Comparison

Product introduction video

Husky Eye: I tried adding Re.

About product

These are 1-day color contact lenses from Assist Wig's original brand "Assist ChouChou".

It is a vivid blue color. It can express the smallest eyes with Assist Color Contact Lenses.

Item detail

Product ID 29987
JAN(EAN) code 4573353706685
Spec Sales name: MI One-Day Lens, Approval number: 22500BZX00009000, Structure: Sandwich manufacturing, Colored diameter: 9.5mm (14.0mm including white edge)
Manufacturer Husky Eye:Re 1Day (Country of Origin: Korea)
Color Sharp Marine
Component Preservative: Sodium chloride
Expiry date 1Day
1box 6 lenses Per Box

Special notes

*The degree of color development of color contact lenses may vary depending on the shooting environment.
*The degree of color development may vary depending on your own eye color.

*Please be careful when installing. Due to the nature of the product, some items may be inside the blister with the back facing out.