Hair Keep Clip

JPY 800

  • Assist wig original item

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About product

Fix ear hair without spraying!

You can hide and keep the hair on your ears that is easy to fall off.
Since the hair is not put on the ears, it is possible to prevent the ears from being crushed.
Because the fabric is specially processed, it catches the hair firmly.
Due to the patch pin specification, it is firmly fixed and easy to remove.
You can easily fix it while wearing the wig.

【how to use】
1. Leave the hair around the face, scoop the hair around the ears, and clip it to the back with your own clip.
2. Put the hair around your face on your ears and stop this product behind your ears.
Grate the hair that you stopped in 3 or 1 and cover it with this product to lightly hold it down to hide this product.


Hair keep clip
That phenomenon that can't be helped
Items that can be used at such times
Hair keep clip
When used
Hairstyle keep
I can't crush my ears
I don't even need a mirror
how to use

Item detail

Product ID 29980
JAN(EAN) code 4573353711351
Spec 2 pieces 1 pair
Material ABS resin, iron
Size Overall length: Approximately 6.8 cm x 2.5 cm