How to attach using meruru


Contact lens detaching equipment meruru with case Clear

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How to attach using meruru

How to remove using meruru

About product

Easy, comfortable and clean because you don't "attach and remove" with your fingers

With Meruru, your fingers will not touch the lens when you "attach" or "remove" soft contacts or colored contacts.
You can use the lens cleanly and comfortably because it is difficult for dirt such as sebum and makeup on your fingertips to adhere to the lens.
Also, you don't have to worry about damaging your eyes or lenses with your nails.

We have upgraded the "silicone hydrogel" lens, which is difficult to remove even with your fingers, so that you can easily remove it!

◆ Recommended for people like this ◆
・ People who make soft / color contact lenses for the first time ・ People who have long nails such as nails ・ People who are worried about lens stains ・ People who are not good at putting on and taking off with fingers ・ People who are not good at putting on and taking off with fingers every day Those who are taking time

Item detail

Product ID 29059
JAN(EAN) code 4582446050079
Spec For soft contacts.
Material Polycarbonate, silicone, ABS resin
Manufacturer Made by Meditrek
Accessory meruru tweezers, meruru stick, special case

Special notes

* There may be some stains and scratches.