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Assist ChouChou ICE Flora Powder Sky


Lens specifications

DIA (diameter of contact lens) 15 mm
BC (curvature radius of contact lens inner surface) 8.7 mm
Moisture content (proportion of moisture contained in contact lens) 38%

※ If you have any questions about color contact, please contact us at mail form or info@assist-wig.com.

It is 1Day color con of the assist wig original brand "Assist ChouChou" (assist Sshushu).

It is a light blue sparkling like clear ice. (3 tone color)

● Yu packet support 【Shipping cost: 280 yen (excluding tax)】
● Free shipping on purchases over ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax) * Free to use in combination with other products

Specification Sales name: MI One Day Lens, approval number: 22500 BZX00009000, structure: sandwich manufacturing method, colored diameter: 14.6 mm
Manufacturer Assist Shush Ice Flora One Day (Country of production: Korea)
Color Powder sky
Component Storage solution: sodium chloride
Expiration date All day wear (1 Day)
1box 6 sheets
※ Depending on the shooting environment, there is a difference in the degree of color contact color.
※ There is individual difference in the degree of coloring depending on the color of your own eyes.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • Assist original color

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Features and correct usage of Assist Chou Chou "ICE Flora" series

The features and correct usage of the Assist Chou Chou “ICE Flora” series.

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