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Ever Color 1day LUQUAGE Skinny Hazel No degree (± 0.00)


Specification of lens

DIA (contact lens diameter) 14.5 mm
BC (radius of curvature of the inner surface of the contact lens) 8.7 mm
Moisture content (percentage of moisture contained in contact lens) 42.5%

※ For questions about color contact, please contact us via email form or info@assistcosplay.com.

It is a 1DAY color contact of Ever Color One Day

Real hazel melting into your eyes. It adopts delicate dot gradation, and it is a gorgeous eyes full of transparency with color balance calculated as a black eye.

Specification Sales name: Evercolor one day, approval number: 22600 BZX 00273 A 02
Manufacturer ※ Assist ChouChou is not an original product.
Color Skinny hazel
Component Storage solution: sodium chloride
Expiration date All day wear (1 DAY)
1box 10 sheets
※ Depending on the shooting environment, there is a difference in the degree of coloring of color contacts.
* Depending on the color of your own eyes, there is an individual variation in the degree of coloring.
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