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★ Assist original ★ Liftup Tape Premium (Taping for cosplay) 3 m volume


Big eye, fist eye, small face effect !! It does not hurt when peeling off! Premium version of cosplay exclusive taping!

Big Eyes, slanted eyes, small face effect! No hurt when peeling off! Premium tape for Cosplay exclusive!
- Sticking strong, but it won't hurt you when peeling off
- No problem to put over make up
- Even makeup over the tape, no problemo!
- Natural beige color merge your skin
- No need scissors, tear by fingers
- Easy taping, dramatic change of your makeup!

▼ It is a gem that you would like us to use once by all those cosplayers who apply even one of the following items ▼
· (For some reason) I am not good at taping · I want to stick to taping · I want to change my face dramatically with cosplay · I'm looking for something better than the ones I am using · I like beige color taping

【Comparison with lift-up tape (transparent normal version)】
▼ stone eye, fist eye, small face effect ▼ outstandingness ▼
Lift up tape premium (natural beige) = Lift up tape (transparent)

▼ adhesion ▼ elasticity ▼ easy to peel ▼ makeup paste ▼
Lift up tape premium> Lift up tape

Contents ▼ ▼
Lift up tape premium (3 m volume, 20 mm width)
▼ Cutting method ▼
Lift-up tape: Scissors lift-up tape Premium: Scissors, hand cuts

Specification It is a taping for premium type cosplay with less sticking at peeling and strong adhesion.
Material Polyurethane nonwoven fabric, acrylic adhesive, release paper (one side release treatment) white
Color Natural beige
Size Length: 3 m, Width: 2.0 cm
What is a lift-up tape premium ...?
It is the optimum taping for assisting original cosplay, which is best for expressing the sky eye, fist eye, small face. It is strong in sweat and sebum with strong adhesion, it is gentle to the skin with outstanding breathability. Strong elasticity with outstanding elasticity, make-up from the top is also possible. Beige color so skin familiarity is also good.

※ Please do not stick to places other than the skin.
※ If you get rash during use, when you feel itching or irritation, stop using it immediately and receive a diagnosis by a dermatologist.
※ As this may cause rash, please do not use this product consecutively for more than 12 hours.
※ Please do not use those with idiosyncratic constitution or those who have had allergic symptoms such as rash with similar products in the past.
※ Please do not use for infants.
※ There may be some dirt, scratches, etc.
* Patch test is recommended before use. Cut out a small amount of tape and paste it inside the arms. Leave it for more than 6 hours, peel off, please use it if there is no abnormality after that.

【How to use】 Tape · · · Lift-up tape premium ① Lightly dish off the skin of the skin to which the tape is affixed.
② Peel off the cut tape 1 cm from the edge.
③ Paste the tape on the skin of the part you want to lift up Paste and stick the tape little by little while sticking.
④ Finally when you stop the end of the tape with a hairpin together with a wig net, the effect gets even better.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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