4 Artist Marker

JPY 280

  • made in Japan

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About product

A new expression tool for contemporary artists

Excellent covering power, finish of gloss (glossy).
Mixing is possible even after drying the ink.
Homogeneous and fast drying.
High pigment concentration, excellent in light fastness.

Item detail

Product ID 16846
JAN(EAN) code 3167865800026
Spec Opaque oil marker
Weight/Capacity Overall coating length: approx. 209 m
Material Pigments, resins, hydrocarbon-based organic solvents
Color yellow

Special notes

【how to use】
Please shake the marker while stirring the cap and stir the ink.
Please push the nib (pen tip) several times on the test screen, let the ink permeate the nib.
Please paint.
Keep the cap tightly after use and keep it in a horizontal position.

※ Please do not use it except for purpose of use.
※ Because there is a case that color washing and bleeding occur when washing by cloth, please refrain from washing.