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CHARACON 1day Hello Kitty Ribbon Brown degree None 1 box 10 pieces


Specification of lens

DIA (contact lens diameter) 14.2 mm
BC (radius of curvature of the inner surface of the contact lens) 8.6 mm
Moisture content (percentage of moisture contained in contact lens) 38.0%

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Character is an abbreviation for "character contact lens". The pretty character of Sanrio was designed as a lens.

"Character" By adopting a design tailored to Japanese eyes,
It is easy to wear lenses, and is also easy to stabilize during wearing.
It is easy to handle even for beginners and familiar people.

◆ Hello Kitty Ribbon Brown Legible Doll Eye Remains EYE -RIBBON BROWN-
Kitty and Mimi 's brown lens.
Cute design decorating the charm point ribbon.
The border part is fascinating charm with big black eyes and big eyes.
Daily It's easy to use, so I can become a cute eye everyday ☆
Loved lens that chooses the color of hair and eyes.

Specification Sales name: Decorative Eyes One Day, approval number: 22200 BZX 00889 A 13
Manufacturer SHO-BI Co., Ltd.
Color Ribbon Brown
Expiration date Full day wear (1 Day)
1box 10 sheets
* There are differences in the degree of coloring depending on the shooting environment.
* Depending on the color of your own eyes, there is an individual variation in the degree of coloring.
* Contact lenses are highly controlled medical devices. Please purchase from receiving an examination by an ophthalmologist etc.
※ Contact lenses should be ordered with correct data based on prescriptions, instructions, etc prescribed by the doctor.
※ When using contact lenses, please receive a regular medical examination with your prescription ophthalmologist or your nearest ophthalmologist.

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