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Glossy seal for imitation sword Wide type (1 sheet)


It is a seal for giving a shiny feeling to imitation swords with less gloss such as wooden

The wide type is ideal for large swords such as large swords, swords and western swords.

Specification It can be easily cut with scissors or a cutter.
Material the film
Color Silver
Size Length: about 150 cm, width: about 11.8 cm (1 piece included)
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Product introduction video

With imitation sword glossy seal Yes / No comparison

It is a comparison of imitation sword luster seal sticker and sticker not affixed.
Come and have a look.

How to stick a glossy seal for imitation sword

It is a video to explain how to paste "imitation sword gloss seal" while handling with assist wig.
Because it is a series of flows, it is a little long, but please have a look.

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