Cosplay Wig Bag (Waterproof)

JPY 2,280

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About product

It is a cosplay waterproof bag convenient for wigs, shoes, costumes storage and carrying

I can carry it on my back.
Please put important things that should not get wet when shooting underwater.
● Water resistant because it is waterproof
● Suitable for carrying wigs you set
● Shoulder with removable straps also possible
● Can be folded up without bulk

Product introduction video

How to use a cosplay wig bag

This is a video that introduces how to use a cosplay wig bag.
Please have a look as it explains how to use it in an easy-to-understand manner.

Water resistance test of cosplay wig bag

This is a video that introduces the water resistance of cosplay wig bags.

Item detail

Product ID 11353
Spec like water off a duck's back
Material Tarpaulin * It is a firm and firm fabric.
Color black
Size Length: Approx. 60 cm, Width: Approx. 37 cm, Bottom (longest part): Approx. 26 cm
Accessory With strap (* removable)

Special notes