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Assist wig made character vocal series headphone Hatsune Mikapeip M


It is licensed official product of character vocal series

Specification We will deliver it in a limited package.
Material Band: PVC (vinyl chloride), Mike rod: Aluminum rod and polyolefin winding, Mike: PMMA (acrylic), Ear part body: PMMA (acrylic), Ear part thickness: 3M High gloss Dynok film sticking, Inner part inside: Felted
※please note※
● It is a headphone dedicated to cosplay. Music can not flow.
- We use part reflectors for earpad etc.
● Do not pull the microphone part strongly. There is a fear of breakage.
● Please note that small children do not swallow the microphone part by mistake. There is a danger such as suffocation.
● The age of this item is over 15 years old. Please do not give to children under it absolutely.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan
  • Licensed official products

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