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★ Assist original ★ Concealing hairline tape 8 pieces


The border with the skin is hard to come out! Make-up can be done from the top of the sticker!

・ It is hard to come out of the border of the seal and the skin
・ Excellent photo passing ・ Can make makeup from the top of the seal
・ Because it is a medical tape, it is kind to the skin

【how to Use?】
① Cut Hairline Concealer by scissors for an appropriate length.
Cut slightly larger than the hidden part of the hair.
※ The skin color part is the tape, and the white part is the mount.
② Put the tape on the skin around the hair part wanted to hide.
※ TIP: Stick firmly on the skin with no air entering.
③ Wear a wig and it is done!
◆ When peeling off a tape, gently remove it so not to damage the skin.
Oil type cleansing agents makes easier to peel off.

Specification It is 8 pieces.
Material Rayon non-woven fabric, acrylic adhesive for skin application, release paper (single-sided release treatment) white
Color Natural beige
Size Vertical: 150 mm, Horizontal: 62 mm
※ There may be some dirt, scratches, etc.

【how to use】
(1) Cut the cover with scissors to a suitable length with scissors. Cut the hide-and-seal seal a little larger than the hair part you want to hide.
※ The skin color part is a tape, the white part is a mount.
2 Stick the seal from the skin around the part of the hair you want to hide.
※ The trick is to stick firmly to the skin so that air does not enter.
Wearing 3 wigs is complete!
◆ When peeling off the hairline seal, please peel gently so as not to damage the skin. It becomes easy to peel off if you adjust oil based cleansing agent etc.

  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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Features of "Hairline Hide Sticker" which hides its hairline firmly

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