• Staff recommendation!

Staff recommendation!

Make on the top of the tape OK! "Erase craftsman AS tape ver." Appeared!
A tape type has just appeared on the "Slashing craftsman AS"!
Since special processing is applied to the tape, it is possible to hide the eyebrows inconspicuously without the tape unique shine being noticeable!
This item is recommended for those who can not shave their natural eyebrows.
Color wig net

When purchasing the full wig of "Assist Wig Premium", color net is attached.
Increasing variations of color wig nets and more convenient!

"Concealing hairline tape" New release!
Assist Wig developed based on cosplayer's troubles, is a special seal that hides firmly the hairline's hairline which it sees when wearing a wig.
"Lift up tape" New release
Assist Wig developed based on cosplayer's trouble, lift-up tape is new release!
At long last,we have created! Relaxed smoothly Men's Size Wig
We have created. Relaxed smoothly! Men's Size Wig.
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