★Explore!★ "3D False Eyelash Series" Released!!

商品情報 2023/06/05

Selfies ☆彡 Others ☆彡 You can enjoy all of them!

"3D false eyelashes"

☆New release with a new lineup!☆
♡It's like a 3D eyelash extension!!
Natural volume up♪

♡ Ultra-fine bristles for a light fit ♪
Perfect for long-time shooting!

Selectable for each character

♦Extra-thin long soft eyes
♦ Clear feather eye
♦ A feeling o bundle that shines ♪ Pacchiri Eye
♦ Petite Fluffy Eye
♦ Petite Eye
…and more!?

Get eyelashes that look great in cosplay☆彡

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