Kyurun, Azato, and Kyun Hitomi "Millimore" are now available!

商品情報 2023/04/04
Ever color one day series
"MILIMORE" has been newly added♪

◆Double the cuteness Thin border beige, lightly pigmented Churu Churu eyes
Daihonmei Churun "Onedari Pearl" colored diameter 13.1mm

◆Bitter, crisp edges for smooth, crispy eyes
Sweetness MAX "Amaenbo Cacao" Colored diameter 13.4mm

A sweet and melting 3-color brown for a heroine-class moisturizing eye
Bruise and Heroine "Jirashite Chocolat" Colored Diameter 13.2mm

A dark brown color full of transparency for the ultimate pure look
Pure Kawa "Hajirai Baby" colored diameter 13.6mm