★New style & reissue★ Princess Roll Long & Two types of bounces on sale!!

商品情報 2023/04/10
Assist wig
"New release" & "Reprint" wigs added!

☆ New release ☆ "Princess Roll Long"
☆ Reprint ☆ "70 ㎝ Slim Clip-in Wig"
☆ Reprint ☆ "40 cm Clip-in Curly Wig"

For princesses and young ladies with big curls!
new style
"Princess Roll Long "

I want to reproduce big curls,
It's hard to wind from 1!

Easy and voluminous,
Get a gorgeous "Princess Roll Long"!

Untie your curls for even more volume!
Find your ideal curl☆彡

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twintails, ponytails
The arrangement width is super expanded!
"70 ㎝ Slim Clip-in Wig"
"40 cm Clip-in Curly Wig"

Two types of popular bounces have been revived in response to hot customer requests!

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[70 ㎝ Slim Clip-in Wig]
[40 cm Clip-in Curly Wig]