★Improved!! ★ Gakuran & Color Pleated Skirt

商品情報 2023/02/01

Assist's versatile school costume...
We have leveled up !!

① “School run” & “Short run”
>>Posing specialized type<< !

[Easy to pose] Evolution to Gakuran☆彡

By widening the range of motion of the sleeves,
The costume fits the body even in a big pose ☆
Collar double hook & inner collar added☆
Change the button to a more realistic texture ☆

② "Size adjustment color pleated skirt"
>>Two sizes available<< !

Since both SM and ML sizes are adjustable,
You can also choose the size according to the skirt length you want☆彡

Please send us an even more fulfilling cosplay school life with the versatile costume of the new assist ♡

♡ Click here for details ♡
[Easy to pose] Gakuran

Renewal version size adjustment color pleated skirt

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