"Gold Mascara" & "Beige Mascara" Appearance!!

商品情報 2022/09/22
Assist color mascara series

"Gold Mascara" &
 Introducing "Beige Mascara" !!

Since the brush is a straight type, the power to comb the eyelashes is strong,
The feature is that a lot of liquid can be applied!

It is a wire brush, so it can be applied evenly.

Gives color to both your own eyelashes and false eyelashes.

Water photography is also OK.

○Get natural eyelashes that match your bright hair color!○

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Ideal for blond character eyebrows and eyelashes◎
gold mascara

Ideal for erasing eyebrows and lower eyelashes◎
beige mascara

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white mascara

pink mascara


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