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Tape That Is Gentle On Synthetic Leather

JPY 700

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About product

Cherish your cosplay items forever

A strong double-sided tape that is perfect for decorating synthetic leather shoes, cosplay costumes, etc.
Decorations pasted with double-sided tape made specifically for synthetic leather can be re-peeled without damaging the synthetic leather.

Product introduction video

Product introduction of synthetic leather-friendly tape

Boots and accessories decorated with items such as glue guns, vinyl tape, and strong double-sided tape... "I want to use them again, but I can't get the adhesive marks off...!" We will solve your problem!

Item detail

Product ID 32880
JAN(EAN) code 4573353736675
Spec 1 piece included
Material Acrylic adhesive, urethane adhesive, release paper
Manufacturer made in Japan
Color Colorless and transparent
Size Approximately 297mm x approximately 210mm

Special notes

- Carefully remove oil, moisture, dirt, etc. from the surface of the adherend.
- Insufficient crimping will affect the characteristics and appearance.
・It may not adhere well to uneven surfaces or objects with large distortions.
- Repeated adhesion and peeling of the re-peelable surface may weaken the adhesion.
・If the removable surface is left in place for a long period of time, there is a possibility that adhesive may adhere to the adherend. Please peel off immediately after use.
・Please do not apply it to the skin as it is not intended to be applied to the skin.

・Avoid high temperature and humidity, and store in a place out of direct sunlight.