Lie Crying Gel AS

JPY 1,100

  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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About product

It is a shape memory type gel that is ideal for expressing tears and sweat.

* Renewal version of NAMIDA GEL AS.
●Tears and sweat can be expressed just like the real thing.
●Do not miss a moment with shape memory specifications!
●Ideal drop shape allows for multiple shots
●Tube mouth is thin, allowing for delicate expressions
●Because it's a gel, it won't harden and can be reapplied as many times as you like
●It's as light as water! ♪
●It does not irritate the skin and contains hyaluronic acid as a moisturizing ingredient, so you can simply apply it to your skin after use.


Lie crying gel AS
Product introduction point 1
Product introduction point 2
Example of use

Product introduction video

How to use "NAMIDA GEL AS"

Introduced by Osaka Otaku TV!
This is a method of expressing sweat and tears using "NAMIDA GEL AS".
The same expression method is possible with lie crying gel.

Item detail

Product ID 32048
JAN(EAN) code 4573353728823
Spec Gel type (shape memory type)
Weight/Capacity 40g
Manufacturer Made in Japan, cosmetics registered
Color Colorless and transparent (clear)
Component ※I list it in an image.

Special notes

*Please discontinue use if it does not suit your skin.
*This is not an eye drop. Never get it in your eyes.