Cosplay Modeling Board Sunperca Normal (L-1400) Mini Size special black

JPY 199

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About product

Excellent cushioning! Beautiful curves can be reproduced with heat! It's a versatile board that makes it easy to create emblems, rings, and small items.

It has excellent cushioning properties and can be colored, processed, and molded as desired!
Sunpelca is a closed-cell polyethylene foam crosslinked with a chemical crosslinker.

This size is ideal for making small equipment parts such as emblems.
It is also ideal for those who want a small amount because they want to check the texture of the material first.

・Since the degree of shape change when heat is applied is high, it is easy to express curved surfaces. ・By bonding elastic fabric or synthetic leather to the board with rubber adhesive, the texture of metal, leather, etc. can be expressed. It is possible to create weapons, armor, accessories, etc.
・Since the surface is rough, a primer is required when painting. It is recommended to apply a thick coat before painting.

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450×450×3mm 580 yen (excluding tax)
450×900×3mm 880 yen (excluding tax)

Item detail

Product ID 30829
JAN(EAN) code 4573353720124
Spec Normal type
Material polyethylene foam
Color special black
Size 170×220×3mm

Special notes

*There may be some stains, scratches, etc.



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