Tone Up Foundation Marshmallow Cream AS

JPY 920

  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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About product

A tone-up foundation that can express straight skin like a 2D character.

A white foundation that recreates the translucent skin of a cartoon character.
It can also be used as a primer.

● Reliable and high quality made in Japan
● UV protection ingredient combination
● Waterproof type that is resistant to water and sweat
● Light and comfortable to wear like marshmallow
● It spreads well and fits naturally, and can be used in a wide range with a small amount
● Thickness depending on the amount of application
● Reasonable and easy to use

Item detail

Product ID 29337
JAN(EAN) code 4920563311466
Spec Cream type (with UV protection ingredients)
Weight/Capacity 30g
Manufacturer Made in Japan, registered cosmetics
Color white
Component Water, dimethicone, titanium oxide, boron nitride, cyclopetansiloxane, etc.

Special notes

* Can be used on both face and body, but discontinue use if it does not suit your skin.
* It can also be used as a makeup base. You can reproduce white skin more than when using only foundation.


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