Eyelash Liner AS Terracotta

JPY 1,760

  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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About product

Eyelash level delicate liquid eyeliner!

●Strong bristles that can be used for both thin and thick lines
●Super waterproof for cosplay
●Quick-drying that won't stick even when you blink
●Safe and high-quality made in Japan

Brown: Natural brown that can be used regardless of hair color
Terracotta: Brown mixed orange like healthy mucous membranes

Q.What is an eyelash liner?
A.It is a cosplay-specific item that allows you to create expressions such as pseudo lower eyelashes, pseudo mucous membranes, and epicanthoplasty lines by adding lines where you like. Of course, it can also be used as a regular eyeliner.



Item detail

Product ID 30803
JAN(EAN) code 4573353720056
Spec Liquid type, waterproof
Manufacturer Made in Japan, cosmetics registered
Color Terracotta

Special notes

*Please discontinue use if it does not suit your skin.
* Before using, shake the main body firmly until the liquid penetrates the brush.
*If stored in a cold place for a long time, the ink may rub off or become difficult to come out.
*Pearl and lame are not included.