[SALE] Stretch synthetic leather 135 cm width x 50 cm Brown No.20


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About product

Stretchy synthetic leather fabric

● It is a soft synthetic leather fabric with a modest luster. ● It stretches well, so it is ideal for pasting sculptural works!
● It does not require edge treatment and can be used for cutting out patterns. ● “San Perca” and “Freedom Board” are recommended for modeling ♪

Recommended costumes:

Recommended costumes: Recommended for pasting boot covers, skirts, pants, one-piece modeling items and cutting out patterns

Item detail

Product ID 27710
Spec ● Can be sewn with a household sewing machine ● Do not fold as much as possible and store in a rolled state ● Cannot be washed ● Cannot be ironed ● Cut line does not require edge treatment
Material Front side: 100% PU, back side: 95% polyester thread, 5% nylon
Size Width: about 135 cm, thickness: about 0.68 mm

Special notes

* There may be some dirt or scratches.
* 50 cm = quantity 1.
* Ordering example: "Quantity 3" for 1.5m and "Quantity 10" for 5m.
* There may be slight differences in color and texture depending on the manufacturing time.