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★ Assist Original ★ Mannish Lip AS Sakura Pink


Complete the men's lipstick with a single coat!

● You don't have to worry about choosing a color!
・ Cool to cool!
・ For a natural lips finish that is not too dark ♪
● Contains emollient ingredients to keep you moisturized.
● Covering power ◎
● Stick type that does not stain your hands It has a high fit to the lips and has a high covering power, so the color is firmly attached.

You can change the impression just by applying it directly, applying it with your finger, or changing the application method ♪

Specification Stick type (feeding type)
Weight / Capacity Contents: 4g
Color Sakura pink
Component Triethylhexanoin, diisostearyl malate, etc.
* Should this disagree with your skin, discontinue use.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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Features and usage of Mannish Lip AS

Introducing the features and usage of Mannish Lip AS.

Mannish Lip AS
I got a lip for men!
It will be solved !?
Color picker
Detailed usage
How to use
Plus one usage
Firmly applied and energetic
A cute boy from the beginning
Two colors are also recommended
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