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Makita wide type free size


Easy and easy breast-busting ♪

It is an item that can be easily crushed by wrapping the fabric together while wrapping it around the chest and pulling it moderately.
・ Easy to use with ease!
・ It's not painful because you can adjust the degree of crushing!
・ The cheapest breasts in the industry !?
・ Reliable without shoulder straps!
-Once used, the fabric changes into a shape that matches the size of the body!

Material Power net, soft Velcro
Manufacturer made in Japan
Color beige
Size Length: 77.5cm, width: about 34cm (E cup ~)
* When washing, be sure to use a washing net so that no pills appear on the tape.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • made in Japan
  • 5% reduction target product

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